This proposal seeks to design two spacious apartments within a shared plot, creating a relaxing and minimal living environments for a big family. The scope includes minimum modification of an existing apartment and the extension of a second one. Small adjustments within the plot were proposed, aiming to achieve better lighting conditions, as well as better ventilation for the two residencies.

The small modifications of the existing 2-storey apartment include the extension of the existing WC at the ground floor (taking some space from the neighboring study) as well as the redesign of the study, so to fit into the resulting smaller space.

The second residence is situated at the back part of the plot. We took advantage of the existing guest-house at the first floor and we extended it towards the ground floor, creating a brand new spacious apartment, based on the required program. Aiming to avoid as many demolitions as possible, the first floor layout was organised according to the walls of the existing guest house.

The proposal includes the extension of the first floor terrace, aiming for a spacious and elegant outdoor space for the big family. This shared terrace becomes the core gathering space of the family, creating a unique environment for both residencies. The laundry room is proposed to be moved to the ground floor, in a darker area, so as to free up some space on the terrace, resulting in better ventilation and lighting conditions for both houses.

I hope you like it!