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Before reading the explanations, please check out the 360 degree render of your living room on
Designing small spaces is a challenge in terms of keeping the space clean, without messing it with too much furniture. On the other hand, enough storage can be a lot helpful in order to avoid chaos. I would like to use the potential of this apartment as it is the height to be used as storage, as you wished for.
In the bedroom area, there are 4 closets under the bed which 2 of them can be used for hanging clothes such as shirts and suits and pants or any other type of clothing. One of them is divided into shelves in various sizes in order to be used for other stuff such as blankets or shoes or towels or anything which cannot be folded. The other one can be used for your snowboarding stuff. On top of the closet is the sleeping area. The height in here is 2 meters to prevent the injury to the head. There’s a moving ladder across the closet to facilitate the closet movements. I also think it’s better to have lights on two sides of the bed for reading.
As you mentioned that you don’t need a large kitchen, one wall kitchen in the hallway is the ideal place in terms of saving the space for all the other functions as well. I also put a folding door in front of the kitchen to hide it whenever it is needed. This technique also helps the minimal style that you had in mind as the main feature of this style is simplicity. The kitchen is fully equipped with stove and oven, fridge/freezer, sink, and dishwasher and because of the height plenty of top cabinets can be installed.
The size of the bathroom is perfect for toilet and bidet and glass shower (80*80) and a single bathroom vanity. I tried to keep the bathroom beside the window for better ventilation and the door is opened in the hall for easy access for guests.
Furthermore, you asked for a place to dry wet clothes. There’s a washing machine near bathroom wall in the bedroom which is situated in a cabinet to invigorate the minimal look and there’s also storage behind it and under the nook for baskets or anything which is related to a washing machine. For hanging wet clothes there is a clothes drying rack suspended from ceiling that you can easily adjust the height of it by ropes and it is near the window to help clothes dry faster.
I tried to use pieces of furniture which are flexible and have storage underneath. There’s enough space to put a sectional and a pouf with storage under them. There is a console table that can expand to 90/150/200 cm, therefore when you have guests you can be a great host. For dining seating I think having folding chairs is the best option since you can fold them and hang them to the wall on top of the fixed seating area in case you don’t need them.

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