We understand that homes change throughout our lives, accompanying the growth of the family. In this case, what is requested is a shared children's bedroom and a social area that can somehow be reduced to accommodate a future bedroom. The objective of the proposal was to find a way that the house can mutate without giving up space in the social area, which will continue to be just as necessary.
Most of the existing interior walls are maintained, except for some modifications that help to create a unique and fluid space. We propose to demolish all the walls that surround the staircase, replacing them with a wooden railing. In this way, a visual connection is generated between the living room, the kitchen and the dining room, allowing them to be conceived as a single space. A play area (or study, library) integrated into the kitchen-dining room is proposed, separated by a low wall or piece of furniture. This allows parents to be attentive to children's activities while doing other tasks. This sector, in the future, can be closed and become a third bedroom. This allows the house to go from being two bedrooms and later to three bedrooms without losing quality or surface of the social areas.
The kitchen is relocated to a more central place on the floor, and is conceived as a kitchen with an open-plan island, integrated into the living room. The relocation of the kitchen does not suppose in our opinion any construction complication, since the water and sewage facilities are very close. It was also decided to demolish the existing fireplace and replace it with a new high-efficiency ecological stove, which is relocated to a more central area of ​​the plant so that the heat distribution is more usable, while being more related to the living area. . The bathrooms are kept in the same position and with the same internal distribution, and a small area for stacked washing machine and dryer is incorporated in the corridor, in relation to the bedrooms.
In the basement, we propose to incorporate a small kitchen to give the guests independence. The space is completed with a dining room and a living room with sofa beds, which allows it to be used as a micro-cinema when there are no visitors.

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