Hi Client,

The main idea in this proposed layout / floor plan is to orientate the living/dining/kitchen area (open spaces) towards the backyard / garden and have the BBQ area with outdoor living at the back. You can have wood fences or curb planters in between your garden and the neighbor for privacy. While the windows facing the backyard are changed into french door/window. We think we can have this division without changing the structure too much.

Since we are moving the living space to the back, we move the main entry to a new place. This means that you need to convert the existing window there into a door. This way, the space division and circulation are more efficient.
Therefore, bedrooms are now located next to the balcony.
We prioritize windows and natural lighting for bedrooms and living rooms.
All baths and service area are in the middle of the house.
For now we keep the existing stairs. But in the future, if you want bigger living area, you can omit it and close the floor off.

There are 2 versions of plans for the ground floor: one is for the first stage of renovation when you only need one kid bedroom. The other one is for future plan, in case you want to turn the living room into a second kid bedroom.

For the interior style, we propose modern farmhouse style with a bit of industrial and mid century touch. The scheme is dominantly white with wood / sandy color accent, dark grey paints, blue/bluish and grey accent, as well as black metal fixtures and lighting. The intention is to bring modern elements while keeping a warm and shabby chic ambiance.

Hope you like our ideas. All the best with your home project. Thank you!