• Floor level of the kitchen and the terrace is higher than the rest of the space by 15 cm.
• We made two different proposals: ART DECO + MINIMAL.
• In this proposal we reduced the changes and the demolition for as built and it doesn’t mean that it is not the best quality but with low cost.
• We avoid the unnecessary, we depends on simplicity, utility and elegance. It's all about “LESS IS MORE” in terms of embracing the most of fewer things.
• We replaced your girl’s bedroom with the kitchen and it’s based on your needs and we made an access for the terrace from the kitchen that you can move easily between them.

We made 2 proposals A & B:
• We used cheerful colors “emerald green walls”.
• We widen the terrace entrance and the windows to give more space and make the space brighter.
• We made an open kitchen which means that there are no walls separating prep and cooking space from the living and dining spaces which are often called the "great room." An open kitchen makes these collective spaces appear more spacious and facilitates smooth flow between common areas.
• In these proposals we made the living and the dining areas in the center between the 2 apartments and it gives some privacy for the little girl’s room with her bathroom and the study room that gives her a private space to deal with.
• We changed the place of the master bedroom to become near to the terrace that gives more light to the room and in the same time has its privacy from the dining area.
• In proposal (A) we used wallpaper and some of gold and metal accessories but proposal (B) we replaced the wallpaper with plain color and you have the opportunity to choose between them and which is better for you.

A Penthouse With A Terrace


Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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