The concept of the design is to create a satisfying environment to live in with a minimalistic style with a touch art deco materials that are characterized with it's bold geometric shapes , the penthouse was separated to a quite zone (which had the bedrooms and the study area ) and to a living zone which has the kitchen, the living area with a dinning table, utility room and a stool bar).
The bathrooms were kept at there original place , reducing them from 3 to 2 bathrooms. The terrace was expanded by demolishing the storage room and making a glass wall to connect between the outdoor space and indoor space when needed.
The Master bedroom is divided into two parts , sleeping area with a view and a walk-in closet with a dresser.
Also attached additional proposal to an open kitchen with the living area for more options.
Hope you like the design with it's details and selected furniture.

A Penthouse With A Terrace


Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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