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This design proposal offers another approach in reconfiguring the hallway and maximizing space use, which is quite different than the original plan. The idea is to flip the hallway, moving it to the south side of the house. The goal is to create efficient circulation inside the house, where people can go directly to the sleeping area without entering / going through living area and kitchen at all, like it was in the original plan.

The kitchen and master bedroom are also flipped, facing towards the northern side. This way, there is a clear division between living/dining/kitchen area and sleeping (bedroom/studio) area, while people will not see the kitchen directly from the entrance – kitchen is a bit hidden at the back. Sink in kitchen is located in the middle of the house, hidden behind structural wall. This way, water pipe can also advantage the old plumbing system.

The new hallway leads to private area, also to the new service toilet and washer/dryer. Service toilet is also strategically located in the middle, so it can be reached from living area or from the studio/guest room. Water pipe and waste system can possibly be connected to kitchen’s wet area.

Bathroom now has separated shower, bath tub, water closet, bidet, and wash basin sink – functioning as a complete bathroom. Assuming that both of master bedroom and studio room will be used privately by you, we create a bathroom with dual doors so it can be accessed from both of rooms. The studio will have either a sofa bed or murphy style retractable bed that can be stored inside a cabinet, so it can accommodate occasional guests when needed.

Thank you for this opportunity. We wish all the best for your home project, and hope that our design proposal will provide you with new options and more fresh ideas in the process.

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