At the beginning of the design process my main goal was an organized and functional space. For this reason I set the racks for product presentation along the walls and I created a lower element in the middle of the room. In this way, when you enter the shop, you immediately see where the products are located. The counter and work area are located next to the door leading to the office. This improves the communication between the two areas. This place also offers an overview of the entire shop as the activities that are outside. To the left of this area is a small play area. Right against the window is the coffee corner. So customers can enjoy a cup of coffee.
The office was so organized that all incoming customers can be served immediately or can sit in a waiting area. Sufficient space was maintained between the desks and between the desk and the wall to maintain good circulation.

To keep the whole modern and fresh look we opted to use modular white systems. These are available at Ikea but you can also use existing and if necessary paint this white. You can also paint the racks in yellow or make a wooden model by yourself. Not all models must be the same. One model can be provided with a drawer or also,additional materials can be fixed on the racks, for example, to hang up coats. You can also add wooden blocks to put products in the spotlight.
The counter and coffee corner consist of white wooden furniture with a warm touch. Stools may also be purchased at a low price to paint them afterwards in the right color.
In the office an accent color was used to give the small room an eye-catcher. Furthermore, the spaces are decorated with neutral colors to keep it fresh and modern. You can play with colors and textures to pimp the space.