The proposal I propose seeks to make the most of the space, using many cabinets from floor to ceiling. The largest one has vertical lines in wood which gives the space a decorative element as well as gives it elegance and becomes an attractive detail.
A desk was arranged with the client's requirements, 3 computers can be placed.
The space for the laundry room is hidden behind a sliding door. Above the washing machine and the laundry room I placed the cabinets to store the detergents and other implements.
There are lights with led lines, which can change color.
There is a large sofa and in front an entertainment center with television, music player, video games, books and others.
The wooden fireplace will remain in the same place, only the upper part of the tube will be covered with a false wall and a marble stone.
The entrance to the bathroom has a drawing which works as decoration and as a way to hide this space.
The floor is made of gray wood-imitation porcelain stoneware

Work/relax Room


10020 Cambiano, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy

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