The development of the project revolves around the idea of enhancing a house on two levels and as a plus to obtain an independent space to rent: the design approach embraces contemporary style with references to Scandinavian design principles. The interior design combines clean minimalist lines with cosy comfort and a neutral warm colour palette complemented by the use of wood as a natural material.
Upon entering the main house, one is welcomed into an airy open-plan living area with clearly defined functions: entrance, living room, kitchen and dining area. Access to the service areas is "masked" by doors cut into the wooden cladding. The upper floor is accessible from both inside and outside thanks to a new staircase designed with a planter underneath as a "walkway over greenery". The added value is the design of the 2 large terraces which are experienced as a continuation of the home outside, appropriately screened from the sun's rays by pergolas and masked for privacy by flower boxes or vertical sunshades.
The same design philosophy applies to the space to be rented at the back, where a walled partition draws and divides the functions inside.