The design focused on complying with municipal height regulations, without losing spatiality.
We found that with a height of 4m, even averaging the roof slope, would result in large rooms with very low, and therefore unpleasant, ceiling heights.
We proposed an alternative solution, respecting the municipal code, generating a semi-buried night area, with two bedrooms, and above them the mezzanine with the master bedroom, master bathroom and walk in closet.
In this way, generous local heights are generated, and both the dining room and the master bedroom take advantage of the visuals and spatiality of the sloping roof.
All the premises have good solar orientation and direct views are generated towards the sea, especially from the living room, gallery and master bedroom, from a greater height.
The social area of the house (living room, dining room and kitchen) take advantage of the best solar orientation and privileged views, surrounding the gallery and the pool. The kitchen expands directly to the gallery and a barbecue area.
The entrance to the complex is proposed through a vehicular and pedestrian path that borders the property as a promenade that allows you to discover the house, among the vegetation, reflecting in the pool. The driveway does not lead directly to the house, but instead wraps around it, culminating in a semi-covered two-car garage.
This way, neither cars nor any structure get in the way of the panoramic views towards the sea.
A perimeter gallery is proposed surrounding the living area, whose size varies according to its use and solar orientation, generating a large gallery towards the sea and next to the pool.

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