Dear Client

Let us show you our project

Villa - Modern, Stylish, Minimalistic, Large, Functional

- this villa is made drasticaly different form others. Seeing as that you have a beautiful lake to the north-eastern side we turned your villa to that side, especially the living room since you say you spend most of your time in it. You therefore have the biggest room with a double height looking over the lake.

- the house is made by modern standards as you wanted. All the furniture is modern and won't be out of fashion for some time being. Since you live by yourself for now we made it compact for one person and friends, but it can easily become a family home. You can change it in anytime to host a family of four since you have three rooms on the upper floor. For now those rooms can be used to earn money, renting them to tourist that come to the lake or sea, or give to relatives that come on vacation. Either living with family or renting, the house is ideal.

- you have a mini olimpic pool dimensions 5 x 15 m that you can use for recreation and fitness training, better and more fun than any gym don't you think? One side of the pool is curved as your regulation line, there you can host a kids pool with a shallow floor if you are planning a family. A kids pool always atracts tourist to stay there since they know their kids can enjoy swimming and playing, whilst they can be at peace reading a book.

- the living room is large and full of air as you spend most of your time there. You can put your laptop on the table and work all the day with fresh air coming from the upper floor and the wonderful view of the lake. Or chat with a guest.

-the garage is, as you wanted, able to host 3 cars for either family or tourists needs. Its modern and easy to operate with a glass door that can be opened like a harmonica. So everyone passing by can see your modern cars through the glass as you can. Bonus you have an upper part were your guests that are staying 15 minutes can park or you can park if coming home just for a short period of time, to which leads a car lift on the ground floor.

- since you are on a slope you would need a concrete base for the construction. We put it under the earth with columns rising from it. That is a logical thing to do to save money and have stable floor on which you can live your day. And it is alike to your request from the reference photos.

- the style is modern with only concrete made bearing walls and curtain walls. The blue glass that shines of the blue lake and green trees make wonders. And the concrete adds to a simplistic minimalistic and modern design that will not harm other buildings, it will stand out and make them want to upgrade themselves.Grey, blue and green. Everything is peaceful and calm all day, the vivid colours of nature and water are balanced with the light colored wood and pale, white, tones of concrete

- the living room and study are on the ground floor while the 3 sleeping rooms are on the upperfloor. You can use your own personal elevator to come down from the study to the garage, as you wanted.

- The master bedrom has its personal wardrobe and restroom. While the other 2 bedrooms share one restroom and are equiped with a closet. The toilets made so that you need the minimal amount of pipes and that most are shared so you can save money on that.

-The study can oversee anyone that can come up the house and won't disturb the resting members of the house.

- the pool can be seen from the villas interior. You can play biliard, air hockey/fusball or ping-pong with your friends while looking at the shining pool on one side and watching the game on the TV.

- you also have a mini-bar at the entrance so you can easily host parties and make some money that way or simply be known for the best villa in town.

- also you have a wine cellar combined with the pantry next to the kitchen that can accomodate all your bottles of fine wine.

- every room is made simple and large, with lots of air and light so that you can be at peace

- you can also have a beutiful garden with a well that is in zen style if you want it.

- you have an elevator to the garage from your study, that ovesees the estate, and an elevator for the cars themselves. It saves space in the long run.

The biggest bonus is the large double-height living room. If you have any suggetions we can easily change part of the project to accomodate your wishes

P.S. We have much more rendering and even a video but beyond the submision limit. And there is no video option unfortunately.

Thank you