Dear client

I have focused my energy of plan therefore i have worked out three options 1,2,&3.Every option have at least living room with kitchen.I have extended the area next to verada to form a deck which we able use it in winter for sunlight,partey , family function..etc. THERE IS NO DEMOLITION AT ALL except for the door/windows addition or remove.

Highlights for each plan are as follows :-

OPTION 1:- With new door placed with window (created a new direct entry to living area fireplace along with powder room for informal

OPTION 2:-With new kitchen entry and back entry (optional) door.

OPTION 3:- With fireplace along with powder room for informal guest .



P.S:-for dimensions check dwg and all dimensions are in meter.
1.I'll suggest you that you keep staircase next to ramp car parking, as it will allow a person , to enter the house directly after car parking
other that person will park the car then will close the main 2 3.9 M gate and use the other smaller gate to reach the house.
2.You should provided the a powder room room(small toilet) near the living room otherwise person have to use the staircase to go the
bathroom on next level.
3.Mudroom near the entrance and pantry room near the kitchen.
4. i'll suggest or rather i insist to remove the wall next present MAIN ENTRY to kitchen /living room so that we can have some extra space for breakfast chairs in kitchen.

Margherita House


08028 Orosei, Province of Nuoro, Italy