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We propose a one-storey house design that is placed in the middle of the 45 m x 100 m box of the construction site area. The building has a strong linear L-shape that is elongated along the west and east axis to get exposure from the winter and summer sun (facing south and north sides), while giving shade protections on the west and privacy wall on the east side (from the adjacent / nearby neighbors and public street area). Pool and outdoor decks are placed on the southern as well as western side - facing the best landscape views of the site (which you have pointed out in the existing site photos), and hidden from the street on the East.

Hope that you like our design proposal, feel free to let us know if you have further feedback or any questions regarding this design. Thank you very much for this contest opportunity. All the best!

Bb House


Moraro, Province of Gorizia, Italy

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