Dear client
Thank you for sharing your amazing project. For my your project, I tried my best to make the layout as efficient as possible that can suite a great Airbnb place. I also came up with various alternatives. As you mentioned that you might face plumbing issues, I created 4 kinds of floor plans to give you the choice to choose from.
In all Alternatives, In entrance you have a bench and an entry closet. You have a kitchen with all the facilities and also a breakfast bar. You have a full size bedroom with closet and study/ work corner. You have TV in both bedroom and the living room.
Alternative 1: For this alternative I placed your bathroom in the current kitchen place to use the same plumbing. In entrance you have a bench and an entry closet.
Alternative 2A: For this alternative I placed your bathroom in Near to the bathroom area to be more accessible for bedroom. The kitchen will also be on the same spot to use the same plumbing.
Alternative 2B: For this alternative I created 2 bedroom increase you feel you need to rent it to more people. The second bedroom is a Small size But practical for a couple. This layout is suitable for renting to groups of friends and Families. In this alternative you also have an extensive dining table that can save your space if the 6 seater dining wouldn’t be used.
Alternative3: Just like the First Alternative, I placed the bathroom on the current kitchen. And the room is closer to the bathroom in this lay out. The kitchen is linear and you have an extensive table to save space.
Hope you enjoy your stay in your warm welcoming home.

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