Dear Client
We tried to design a space both elegant and efficient, that will match your name, "Glassy" and be light and beautiful.
The dominant colour of the shelves is white, glossy to reflect most light, which will play around the many glass items in the shop. In the lowest part you have cases and drawers for storing all the ornaments that are on sale, so they are easily reached, instead of going up the stairs to get them, these drawers can be locked if you wish, for security reasons. Above the drawers are shelving units with glass countertops and bottoms which can be mirrors, as the most important thing in any glass shop or musem of fine arts is lighting, which gives a wow effect and your shop will be a local center, somewhat of a museum or gallery.
Since the top floor is partly visible through the windows, you can fill in the holes with mirrors set at a 45 degree angle, as to guide the sunlight (and any other light from outside the shop) towards the showcase window, or you can place some larger, painting like exhibits to cover these small holes. The shelves which will be in the middle of the rooms have a nice "S" shape frame, and if you wish you can manufacture the frames, since there are 6 standing in a row, to resemble the letters "GLASSY" and the colours of your shop, standing as a landmark of your shop name right in the middle of it. On the top of the shelvings are cabinets clad in mirrors which can be set at a small angle (<5 degrees) to act as a secondary spotlight for the exhibits.
We hope you like our design, and implement at least part of it.
Thank you