The key point of the project was to inspire, to make the space memorable being itself an experience. We used traditional elements such as vintage brickwork, ivy, marble and classic elements ( classic order column, chesterfield ottomans and sculptural frames). All these empower some of the elements that are linked to that classy version of shakespearean Italy, which all tourists adore and which itself is to be found in Italy all around, drawing people towards it. However the store regards the present of the 21st century which we cannot entirely deny so we kept the modern lines as to be exactly the brand colors. The visitor should have the impression that he now travels into the past, this space being vague and enlarged by mirrors. These mirrors do have three purposes. First of all they do make the space seem larger than it actually is, which for even smaller stores will come in handy. Secondly, having mirrors on the ceiling the store can easily be watched over from every spot because customers are visible. And lastly it creates an unique effect, the space is diffuse it has hot a clear start or end , the modern lines and the antique becomes one, without boundaries. It is as to say : you come here in a place that is inspired by tradition, by culture, by emotion and we want you as customer to feel that by simply traveling across the store. The back room is however treated differently. Since here are only the more rare collection, this place is the core of the store, more intimate and less commercially tainted.

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