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There are 2 alternatives of floor plan layout that we design:

Alternative 1 = Living day zone is located on the left, while sleeping / night zone is on the right.
The bathrooms and wet areas are concentrated at the right corner where there was an existing closet with sewer / drain system. Kitchen/dining is adjacent to the covered/closed veranda, so you can place the hob and sink there, while having cabinets, double oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, other electronics & appliances etc in the inner kitchen/dining area. Both windows must be equipped with forced ventilation.

Alternative 2 = Living zone is located on the right, while sleeping/night zone is on the left. Bathrooms are located at the existing bath and one of them has window. Kitchen can access the covered veranda through a new access door from balcony on the right. This optional layout is to illustrate that it is possible to have ensuite master bathroom with natural windows.

Both of the layouts have same apartment features: one master bedroom with ensuite bath and walk-in closet; a studio that can be a guest room with double sofa bed, open kitchen/dining/living area with fireplace, closed veranda for cooking n washing, a closet storage and second bath combined with laundry corner (stacking washing machine and dryer).

There are some 3D rendering illustration for Alternative 1 (which we prefer better due to the simplicity of the layout and quality of the space).

Thank you for this opportunity and wish you all the best with your home project.

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