Considering that your home , especially the livingroom is very spacious and with an "industrial appeal" , I tried to intervene as little as possible trying to divide the various functions only with the furniture and playing with the color of the countertops. The choice of furniture is geared towards Scandinavian design , with some "modern classics" and informal objects . The door of the small bathroom is moved to the kitchen so as to obtain a dining area brighter and more intimate. Even the piano , I think it would be nice to use it to divide the space spectacularly . In the sleeping area I reduced slightly the bathroom so as to get behind the bed a closed cabinets area , wanting can be equipped with Ikea furniture . For the floor I imagine a kind oak essence clear , except for the bathroom where it would be nice to use a resin of a clear color (because the new sliding bathroom door would be in satin glass and the contact point between parquet and new flooring in the bathroom is always very delicate )
Hoping you like it, best regards