This showcase display has a modular hive-shape concept, bringing a sense of element from the nature (represents the local & natural - probably handmade products) into a digital world (i.e. online shop). There are 75 shelves that can be occupied by 75 products, and each product will be supported with a clear glass base so it will look like 'floating' / elevated in the middle of the hive (exposing the products in 3 dimensional views-rather than only the front view). There is an LED lights panel at the behind of the hive that will illuminate the showcase (especially for night display). And each hive-shelve will surely have individual lighting at the front part to lighten the product from the front side. The detailed measurement of the showcase and the hives can be checked in the AutoCAD DWG drawing.
The showcase -made of powder coated aluminium panels - can have 5 color variants (if necessary) that represents Komoosee's logo (red, green, blue, orange, and dark grey). Please see the 3D renderings for further details. The interactive tablet is displayed at the right side of the showcase (recessed system).

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