Layout Concept:

This floor plan create a clear area for foyer / ingresso (entrance) despite its small and limited space. The foyer is equipped with wardrobes / coat storage. A laundry room with storage/utility space is placed at the existing wall nook, and this room clearly defines the foyer area,living/dining/kitchen room, as well as the private corridor that leads to bedroom and bathroom (one of its wall functions as a place for a wall-hung TV - right in the middle of living area, which can be seen conveniently from kitchen/dining and seating area).

Bthroom: After several considerations and looking at the tight space of the bathroom, we decided to keep the position of closet and bidet in the bathroom - to minimize piping relocation works. We also utilize existing plumbing to place the shower and sink as in our plan drawing. Shower will only have glass partition. This layout provide proper size for shower, sink vanity (with mirror) and bidet/closet area, while maintain a good circulation flow, while keeping the natural lights and ventilation to enter the room. There are ample of shelves and places for toiletries as well as mirrors in the bathroom.

Hope that this layout will give you solutions in renovating the house. We are open for further feedback and any questions. All the best and thank you so much for this opportunity.

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