Dear Client,

Thank you for the opportunity.

The layout was designed with minimal intervention to the existing layout, to save cost, but to give it the best possible result for your need. Bathroom #1 is reoriented, taking less space from the living room opening the possibility to create an open plan layout. Your request for a downdraft hood actually helped significantly for that, as the island could then be placed almost anywhere. Laundry space is placed along with kitchen cabinet, next to the balcony to dry the laundry, hiding the service zone without actually closing the space, giving spacious feeling to the apartment.

Entering your apartment, you will be welcomed with a house that is French looking, going further, you will be surprised with the modern design for the kitchen and the dining room. One of the seat for the dining room is bench seating, blurring the boundary between living and dining, making the most of your space without sacrificing anything.

The bedrooms are kept as is, only now the entrance to the master bedroom is from the living room, turning bedroom #2 into an en-suite, some of the previous hall space is turned into an additional storage/wardrobe for master bedroom. The other side of the storage is turned into coat closet and storage.

Video walkthrough of the living area is available at


This Must Be The Place


Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy