The renovation project makes interior spaces more functional without changing the original layout, but with some wall's adjustment.
The new design is modern and bright, and, to provide continuity between the various rooms, there is the same wood floor in all the apartment, except in the bathroom and in the kitchen.
The entrance is defined by a latticed ceiling, with integrated light. The surface of the wall in front of the entrance door is made of cement, and there is a long cut on it, that leads the direction to the living room.
In the living room we find another cut at the floor level, used as planter, reinforcing the continuity between the spaces. The wall in front of sofà is covered with marble. There is a large conversation area, arranged with sofà and armchairs, and the dinner area with a capable table.
In the master bedroom the bed area is really cozy: it’s positioned to an upper level, so it’s separated from the sitting area. The tv is mounted on a pivoting panel, so it can be watched from the bed or from relaxing area. There is space for a little desk and for a long sideboard with a recessed fireplace.
The master bathroom is large enough to contain both shower and tub: all the areas are separated, and we can have a lot of built-in storage space.
In the children room the space of the closet is bigger, and the private bathroom contains a tub and a shower.
Also the family room is a little bit bigger, and there is space for a desk, a large sofà and a bookshelf.
In the kitchen we have both an island and a 6 people table, and moving the door of the laundry, we have a better circulation in the room.