The roof space is divided into 4 different zones based on its functions; the main living area, the dining area, the lounge area and the relaxing area.

Firstly, the living zone is placed in the center of the roof space, in front of the entrance, with a wooden gazebo above it, in order to link the roof spaces together as well as to emphasis
the entrance. Beside it is the dining area with a kitchen corner. Both, the living and the dining area are connected with the same wooden floors cape. The lounge area consists of bean bags and bench seating for a more comfortable area that could be also suitable for children. The lounge zone is covered by artificial grass for easier maintenance and to give the space a garden like corner. Finally, in a semi separated zone is a relaxing area surrounded by soothing hard and soft cape.

In order to give the roof a garden like feel, both of the sides are aligned with concrete built in planters, where different planting pots could be placed inside, so collecting them in a huge overall plant container that defined the space.

A Terrace To Enjoy


Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy