Dear Client,
I tried to make use of space in the best way possible. So when you enter your roof garden on the left I created a bench with light underneath to show the pebbles under it. This place is really cozy and it’s great for reading books and hide from the urban crowd. On the back, right beside this place I created a storage for putting all the staff which is needed for gardening and are not pretty to show off. Therefore you can easily disguise them from guests.
On the right side of the entry, you can reach dining table which is located near the barbecue to company guests as you cook. Then you can simply enjoy on the gazebo which is 30 cm higher that the existing floor since there’s a great view. There, you can enjoy both view and the company of your guests.
Finally, my favorite place, edible garden. Here you can have your own farm. I mentioned the herbs and plants that you can grow in this garden in the plant sheet and be healthy. That's the goal anyway.
I also uploaded pictures of this design night and day, as I thought this would be hard to imagine how it would look like.
Hope you enjoy

A Terrace To Enjoy


Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy