Design concept develops around the idea of Brooklyn vibe.
Colors are translated from Brooklyn street environment (materials, night atmosphere..).
Details from old school hip hop videos are used as wall treatments (wire, murals)

Strategically positioned lighting with different light sources and light colors
contributes to the ambiance accenting different functions of the space.

In a lounge area wire is used as wall covering. Placed over clean wall
or mural with hip hop motives it gives an interesting texture to any kind of wall
(as it will be replicated in different spaces this kind of element keeps the character of a club recognizable).
In merchandise area wire, together with LED lighting, is used to accentuate niches for displaying clothes.

Considering the function of the space,
it is extremely important to choose the quality floor coverings.
The idea is to keep it grey but adjust material choice according to space specific function (spinning, wet floors..)

Wish you best of luck with this beautiful idea. Would be honored to participate in further design development.