Hope you like the design. You have been provided with all 3 renderings : for the fitness room, lounge area and reception desk. The fitness room is made with a nice wall design that will block after-sound effects, since they could cause dizziness in people working out, possibly even them passing out, with the acoustic panels the sound will travel better and the instructors voice will be clear to the last row of cycles. The panels have space behind them that can be used for storing exercise-matts or any gear. The leading bicycle, for the coach, has a circular pedastal that is made with integrated neon lights so that the others can clearly see him. This design is with windows if you will have a place with them. If you will not have windows in the space you use, then simply imagine this without the windows. The lounge area is at the same time a cafe and restaurant area. People who sit can both drink their protein shakes while waiting for their freinds and also eat their nutrition meals before and after work, if they didnt bring their lunch, there is always a small bar with meals, and a couple of vending machines with protein bars etc. The reception is made with a lot of space for all the things that the worker behind the desk will use, as well as alot of shelves above with protein jars and protein bars or similar which you will sell to your customers. The design is made so that it is african-amercan and brooklyn style influenced with those stronger darker colours which contrast the modern white colours, industrial metallic lights and plenty of space for the black-white photographs you like, which will blend in with the wooden walls and flooring.
There is the finishes scheme and light scheme. While this place is only hypothetical and not the final place you will rent or buy, we can still continue collaborating on this project later. Feel free to contact us if you will need permit drawings and design, and at the end design for constructors and contract workers to build this into reality. If you need help with that feel free to contact. It would be done fast.