Hello, first of all Im really sorry for the quality and finish, I found out about this web only a few days ago plus Im also in the process of moving to a new city and country, anyways, you said a lot that you wanted something inspired on hip hop, reggae, the caribean and have that vibe to it that's why I asked if you were from the caribean because it looked like that was the most important thing for you, I personally don't listen to a lot of that music althou I like bob marley and some hip hop songs, so I researched a lot on new trends and took "Cardi B - I like it" as the main song/inspiration for the project, taking a bit of the colors and other things they show there and other hip hop videos. But I also had to make something timeless, something that is not gonna wear off, or people may get tired of it, I also took inspiration from the black and white pictures you uploaded and also having in mind that you are asking for something reasonably priced.

I did something a bit like those pictures but with the bamboo instead of wood (it may not look like bamboo on the renders but that's a lot like it), polished concrete and the black and purple furniture wich are gonna be the base for the project and the part that is timeless, combining that with using a few walls to put vinyl prints that can be changed each year depending on new trends so you stay trendy, forgive the redundancy, and that go according to the feeling that you want to pass on to the clients.

The bathrooms are a different story, people are not gonna spend a lot of time there so I went a little crazy with the tiles, of course the black to make it classy but i use the green floor to give it some flavour, you can also paint the roof there in purple, green or even gold, the idea here is that people are not gonna get tired of the bathroom, cause like I said they wont spend much time there, but they take pictures, selfies in the bathrooms, so when they upload those pics the people watching are gonna know that those are the SOCA CYCLE's bathrooms and that's the place you have to go to if you wanna look like the hot girl or guy posting the pic.

The lighting and ceiling, I couldn't really put much time on it to model and render, but it would be pretty generic, just like the one on the black and white pictures, just paint the ceiling black with the installations, pipes, etc exposed and use a lot of ceiling spotlights, is really simple, for the bikes room there will have to be a lot of single sockets on the floor right next to the place where the bikes are gonna be, so when you have the space you have to plan the exact position of the bikes before because they will be connected to those sockets, in that way you wont have a lot of cables everywhere and can change any bike at any moment if they malfunction (if you use bikes with screens and stuff like that).

Well I actually enjoyed a lot designing this even with all the complications I had this last couple weeks, I hope you like my ideas and I wish you a lot of success on this endeavour.