The proposed concept tries to satisfy all the requests and needs described in the contest. Its design provides the image of a classy and modern space with a layer of elements belonging to the Hip Hop / Reggae culture. Creating a system of objects, pictures, posters, lighting effects was the way to recreate the fun and sexy vibe of this cultures and give the feeling of a dynamic place that can constantly change his skin (the lighting system is a key feature to achieve this).
The spaces are finished with simple monochromatic materials to recall the reference images, minimal and classy spaces. Then concrete, wooden boards, white bricks are all enriched by touches of color that define the identity and brand of Soca Cycle. The project was built on a more schematic plan in order to provide a very clear concept where 4 regular rooms (reception, lounge, spinning room, locker room) host all the elements of the design, in this way it would be easier to rescale or adjust the concept into a different layout.
A virtual animation of the lighting system in the spinning room has been made to recreate the dynamic, sexy and funny vibes of SOCA CYCLE, the โ€œJuicyโ€ animation is visible on youtube ( ) or it can be downloaded in full quality on file dropper ( ).

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