For the "Stage Workshop" project my main idea was to renovate the space in an elegant, modern and clean lines way. I used in the new design most of the tables and chairs that the client already has, only in the case of the tables they were painted white.
There is a new L-shaped sofa and behind it is a green wall, a metal screen with a gold finish and two mirrors.
The column that is in the middle of this space was redesigned, a mirror was placed that provides the sensation that the wooden slats are floating. Above this column are the televisions.
In the service bar, a new wooden ceiling was created that unifies this space with the multifunctional laboratory. Some lamps hang from this new ceiling and in the multifunctional laboratory there is a display of bottles.
Behind the serving bar I also designed a gold shelf to display the bottles.
Next to the access, two vertical showcases were designed to display cakes. Two new windows were also opened behind this display case, so that people outside the premises can see the products.

Stage Workshop


03036 Isola del Liri, Province of Frosinone, Italy

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