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The goal of our design concept is to minimize demolition impact so we demolish only the small rooms and create larger new rooms, while keep the existing rooms that are already spacious. All of bathrooms are located in sleeping zone, but one of bathroom is still quite close to the living area (so it can function as guest bath when necessary).

We put living zone on the right side of the house (where the big room with big window is), and sleeping zone on the left side. We manage to get 5 bedrooms (2 of them are ensuite), 4 bathrooms, and a small laundry room being tucked in near one of the shared bathrooms. The entry area has a small vestibule, where you can put artwork or nice decoration that welcomes you home, equipped with a coat/shoes room behind it. This area is also to create buffer between corridors to sleeping area, living area, and kitchen (service). Kitchen is located next to kitchen, equipped with island bar and stools for breakfast / casual dining. There is a double glass sliding door between kitchen and dining room, so you can either close it off or open it when cooking as you wish. But there will always be a visual connection between the rooms in day zone (living area) that makes this are spacious and having open-concept design.
Hope that you will like the floor plan and furniture layout design that we propose. Please let us know if you have further questions or feedback. Thank you and all the best with your home project.

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