Everything starts with the idea of creating an space that help people to “get out of the box”, that's why this project is based in a mutable space, that can be use in many and different ways, the space can became smaller or bigger, private or open, working in SOMA should be natural as a living organism that adapts to the circumstances.
Open-office spaces are a good solution for brainstorming, group work and group interaction, but it is not ideal for all kind of works and not everybody work better in that kind of space, sometimes an open space generates lower productivity and less concentration, a private space is more functional for some kind of works, our project gives the opportunity to modify the space according to the type and needs of the work, this diversification is translate in a higher concentration level, interaction and motivation, developing a creative thinking.
The ideal workspace should consider a variety of places and shapes for groups and individuals to work, that's why our project creates an open space that can be transformed into different size working spaces and some fixed private spaces ideal for individual or small group work that need more focus, this layout is a perfect example of adapting workspace to the type of work being done.
The space can be easily transformed if necessary, each changeable space is composed by a fix wall with a glass portion where the door is inserted and a opaque portion where an acoustic flexible felt is store, it can be pull out if necessary, the felt follow a simple binary system that can be hanging from the ceiling at any height avoiding interference with existing installations, this simple manual action permit the total transformation of the space.

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