Additional Notes:

There are several hidden built-in storage / cabinets: behind the sofa & study desk, under the bench at TV wall, under the staircase, below the raised floor at living room (the flooring modules are retractable / can be opened at some area to), under the bathroom washbasin & kitchen sink, glass cabinet in shower room (for toiletries & towels), behind the bed, and walk-in closet with flush doors (without knob, press to open method).

The coffee table at living room is a flexible adjustable height table. So it can be transformed into dining room and the bench at TV wall can be transformed into dining bench if needed.

The study desk can be folded on to the white brick wall if not used, so the room can be more spacious and the mirror there can give maximum reflection into the room.

The bathroom has opaque glass door and walls so it can enjoy natural lights from the open living/dining area / not too dark. The bathroom glass door can be swung to close off the shower area (so if somebody uses the shower, the wet area is limited to the shower cubical), and the bathroom - kitchen area will look bigger when being open.

Wet areas (bathroom, kitchen, and laundry machine) are placed on floor structure directly (level 0.00 M). The open living / dining / study & TV area are raised to hid the bay window and accommodate hidden storage underneath (Level +0.45 M). The mezzanine is at level +2.25 M), so there is 1.95 M clearance height on the mezzanine and 2.10 M clearance height on the main floor.

Other furniture that is not mentioned in the furniture list table is considered as built-in furniture.

Please let us know if you have further feedback or questions regarding this design proposal. Thank you!

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