Dear client
Thank you for the amazing challenge. There’s a link that you can have a virtual reality tour around the kitchen and the dining and living area on the first floor.
In order to give you options to choose from, I created 2 alternatives for the bathroom area of the first floor.
I considered different openings for the bedrooms and as a result you will have a bigger bathroom, without demolishing bedroom walls. The advantages in this alternative is that there are 2 separate shower and sink area which one of them has a direct access to the bedroom. The service area is in the center with doors that can be used for both room and the public area.
The second alternative is created based on your desired settlement of the space with a small bathroom. In this alternative you would also have the 2 shower room but smaller in size in comparison to the latter alternative. There will be a separate service and 2 sinks.
As most walls are load bearing walls, there’s no choice but to keep the layout as you mentioned. However, I designed it according to your needs and wishes.
On the first floor, the kitchen is positioned where you asked with an island in the center. This kitchen is equipped with a stove, sink, built in dishwasher, pantry, built in fridge and freezer, microwave and oven. You also have seating beside the island for breakfast or a quick lunch. Additionally, I converted the window into a double door to let you access the outdoor dining in the terrace directly. There’s also a barbecue in the terrace for outdoor parties and grills.
The living and dining area are renovated with minimum demolition. I just added a fire place in the center for cozier atmosphere. The furniture pieces are modern and minimal with an art deco feeling. Color palette will also remind the style.
The dining area is a combination of modern and art deco style too. It refers to an eclectic style to let you enjoy your life fully.
On the second floor, there are 4 bedrooms as you requested in the briefing. One of those is a home office that can be used both as an office or private meetings or even for guests who are staying over with a sofa bed.
The bathroom has separate service area and 2 sinks. The tub and the shower area is also closed for more privacy. In this level all load bearing walls are kept as they are.
Hope you enjoy.