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Apart from new room and furniture layout, as well as the new screened porch, western outdoor deck and hot tub at the northern side, we also would like to propose some new house elements (some are optional-to toss an idea how we can improve the overall design):

1. Expanded garage, using the original footprint. However, the master bedroom & bedroom 1 walls above is now aligned to the basement walls. We would like to emphasize the eastern wing to be higher than the rest of the house, to give some fresh 'elevation'. The windows and walls are also updated The new roof is optional. We also add optional 3 outdoor parking (can be with pergola cover, if desired). These can be for guests or convenient daily parking.
2. New entrance / front porch before entering the main door (door is updated too)
3. Attic addition / expansion, to create 'linear dormer' above entrance. This also to transform the existing narrow hallway into a nice upper seating area.
4. Screened porch is located between family/library room, kitchen, hut tub, and outdoor deck. This way, the whole main floor area is interconnected, and there is seamless connection between outdoor and indoor area. All space can be versatile during the day and night. Sometimes the screened porch can be the extension of library/family room, where it can also be a reading room, study or relaxing room.
5.For the other information, please refer to the floorplans, elevations, and renderings for better visualization

Hope our proposed plans can provide you with more fresh ideas in the process of renovating your home. All the best with your project, and thank you!