Given the specificity of this particular side split house we took carefully into consideration the placement of the rooms and areas. The proposal consists in a small extension of the existing garage in order to make room for an extra parking lot and to leave just enough space for bikes or accessories leaving also a second entrance into the garage. The garage is separated from the rest of the house trough a mud room, thus working as a filter. We chose to place the fifth bedroom on the ground level, encouraging the benefits of the natural light and also a cool view towards the garden and proximity to the terrace. Maybe in the future the bedroom could work together with the storage space if that becomes like a workshop for the kids. The kitchen and dining are carefully placed along the porch in order to make serving easy and tables are always facing towards the greatest views. Moreover the entrance view to the house would be the kitchen bar, making it an interesting and modern first view. The whole kitchen island is thought to be a interior design concept and an interesting piece of furniture with different volumes intersecting each other, forming the counter and the bar.
The living room is light and cozy having just enough light coming from the south while the study room is well lighted on the midst of day.
At the upper level thing remain without major changes, aside from proposing a larger bathroom in order to have enough room for a shower. The mezzanine suffered some changes, switching the two rooms that now have their own terrace, giving a larger bathroom to the master bedroom and a small pantry near the staircase in order to be easy accessible.

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