The proposed project aims to create an exclusive members' club according to the client's requirements.
The design philosophy draws inspiration from the European 20th century, where architectural elements linked to tradition are evident, with frames, columns and mouldings revisited in a contemporary key.
The large central pillars have been lightened with a play on antique mirrors and marble cladding echoing the European tradition. A path has been designed that unites the design layout, draws the areas in plan and highlights the flows, also emphasised by the change of material.
The 3 private areas are united by the central element, the bar-restaurant, which is closely connected to the ideal triangle with the corners represented by the (A) stage for live performances, (B) area for the wine experience and the (C) cigar room.
A totally secluded area with closed doors was created for total privacy and communicates with the cigar room.
The bathrooms have been redesigned with a more usable and contemporary layout.

Please find enclosed a metric calculation with an offer made by a contracting company that does international work.