Hello my dear Client,

I must to say that working on your floor plan was really motivational and challenging for me.
The most positive fact, we have here, in your apartments is the fact the your ceiling height is huge, much more above 3m.
This is some kind of office/business building, with columns and free space between them, therefore, fortunately we do not have to worry about vertical water drainage pipes, too much, they all will fit in one central big whole for instalations, it is placed right near the entrance door of apartment A.
Regarding the other stuff, every room and space has the most it could has. If you look carefully, you will find no single waste space. Everything is used.
Although sleeping rooms have some strange shapes, they are very useful, they have all needs in the small area. My goal was to made small single bedroom and one big double room.
Also, the apartments are not the same surface area. I thought it was better, and also it was the only way to get some proper apartments.

Best Regards and all the best in 2021st.


Split Rosina Apt In 2 Apartments


81037 Sessa Aurunca, Province of Caserta, Italy