Dear Client,
Thank you for your fun project. There’s a link below that you can have a virtual reality tour around the open space and your master bedroom.
I designed the layout in a way to exploit the corridor and repurpose it for new functions as you asked for.
Additionally, I raised the floor of kitchen, bathroom/laundry and wine cellar and created 2 steps for reaching them. This layout helps to use the wasted space to provide the beautiful wine cellar with the transparent kitchen and add the laundry and bathroom to their right position right next to sleeping area where it is utilized the most.
The first thing that defines the entrance is the marble effect marble with its shine. This works as an iconic ornamental element for your French style home. Practically, it divides the spaces and creates a filter in order not to have a direct view of kitchen.
The kitchen and wine cellar are connected with a glass wall. This area has a direct access to dining area which is ideal for parties and at the same time the kitchen area has its own identity without intruding the guests. In the dining room corner there’s an upright piano that can entertain guests or it could solely be used by the family members.
The other positive point in this design is the study/guest room which can be a flexible area for multiple uses.
1. Home office: it can be used for the office work.
2. Library: it can be relaxing area for reading and pleasure.
3. Guest room: sofa bed can convert to a double bed that can easily be used for your guests.
On the other side of the plan there’s the sleeping area. One bedroom and on master bedroom with walk in closet that leads to the master bathroom.
As you have underfloor heating parquet is not a good option. Therefore it is better to use ceramics with wood effects to have the desired fish bone as you want.
Hope you enjoy.

Rome Sweet Home Apartment


Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy