The proposed project seeks to satisfy your desires.
For spatial conformation I opted for a kitchen solution without island or peninsula.
The project's main element is the central element that separates the two areas, living room and kitchen / dining. The use of an island or a peninsula would take away a lot of space to each of the two areas, as I really liked the idea of a continuous space but functionally separated. The central fireplace (double-sided) is the hub around which the house rotates. In the design of the center divider element I tried to predict a small green corner with plants and adequate space to place the TV (with lower ancillary spaces for dvd etc.).

The lowered ceiling is useful to adding a touch of color to the environment and it is also useful to emphasize the space rotation and functions around the fireplace (as well as to uniformly illuminate the environment with spotlights).

For the coatings to match the gray tile floor, I think it's very well utilise a stone with warm colors for the central wall and a wooden oak type "brandy" for the kitchen and other wooden elements, which also serve as a filter visual and functional ..

I hope you like it, best regards

Living Room Renovation

main room

Naples, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy