Dear client
Thank you for the amazing project. Firstly, I have to mention that I worked on the renovation of the house as whole just as you asked. For this reason I created the land of the house based on the google map top view and worked on the exterior of the house as well as the interior.

I designed your landscape in a way to give you the option of the variety of activities while in the house indoor or outdoor or opening the slide doors to unite indoor and outdoor life. you can see the virtual tour of inside and outside by the link below:

I also designed a small pool and a shower area too. Of course all of this areas are changeable but I tried my best to bold the potential of the house that you could decide better about purchasing the house.

I changed the entrance to the property to the sides as the current place is a dangerous place for cars and also has no view from the corner streets. As keep you on budget i tried my best to decrease the demolition of load bearing walls and in places that you have to do it let you do it with beams and supports to open up the area.

The entrance to the house also changed as it would be better to lead you to the common area on the ground floor and sleeping areas on the top floor.

The kitchen is open and airy with a nice size island close to outdoor seating area with the view of garden and the pool.

The dining area is also has a connection to the front yard and the back yard this sliding door on both sides create a connection between back and front and by opening both doors you can use the spaces widely and efficiently at any time of the day or year. The fireplace is located between dining and the living room as you asked.

The living room idea is created based on the pool house with great views to the outside. In order to make it more unique and Nordic I created a sloped roof that based on your desire you can add ceiling window on one side and solar panels on the south side for an efficient sun absorption. Rather than that the interior design has a Nordic style with neutral tone of colors and all the natural materials such as wood with the element of fire in between.

Open flow of air and right connection of spaces in the whole house were important factors to make it more livable for new residents. Again I mention that all the design techniques are used to enhance the features of the house and give you the opportunity to see the potentials in the space.

Have a nice and life lasting stay in your new property.

Best Customer Service ever 🙂

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