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This design / room distribution concept offers a little bit different approach of room layout and zoning, which we believe has some interesting potentials that we can tap into.

We push and relocate the bathrooms / wet areas to the back of the rooms - nearer to the entrance door, so we can provide more natural lighting to the main living area (living, dining, kitchen, without sacrificing lights for bedrooms). This also gives a more definite / clear lines between sleeping zones (private) and day living zone (less private).

We also think that the sleeping area in the master bedroom should be exposed to the terrace view and access / having natural lights. Therefore we place the master bath at the rear side. This way, you don't have to add more square meters into the terrace to make the master bedroom bigger. But the private terrace in front of master bedroom is your semi-outdoor seating area, when you open the sliding glass doors, it is part of the room, when you're sleeping at night, you can just simply close it off. You can put skylights or pergola above that private terrace.

One of the bedroom has ensuite bath, while the other has to go to a shared bathroom, which access door is from a more private corridor (not facing living or dining area). Doors of both bedrooms are quite separate from the master bedroom (this would give a bit privacy for the children or the parents of the family, but they can still meet often at the main area - living / dining zone).

We decided to put the study nook at a wide hallway that connects entrance to living/dining area. We want the walls along that area to be a multi-purpose area where you will have easy access storage, built-in cabinets, shelves for books and stuff, and tables for study. This area is still visible from the living room, and gets more natural lights. You can create a nice and functional feature wall from entrance area to kitchen (with bright color design and some mirror to create a more spacious feelings).
The kitchen is located at the corner, so it can serve both indoor and outdoor dining area. Also, the indoor dining is quite big, for 8 people. The living room and TV area is closer to bedrooms.

Many thanks for this opportunity and hope you like our ideas. Please let us know if you have more feedback / questions about how to explore this design into further details.

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