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This house has a new plan layout with the following features:

1. Ground Floor : This is the owner's house, equipped with 5 bedrooms (2 of them are ensuite rooms, 1 of them is master bedroom with a private deck, 1 of them is a studio that can be converted into either office or a guest room when needed) and 4 bathrooms; a clear division between night / sleeping zone and living (day) zone; large living and dining area, equipped with a kitchen and pantry. There is an additional outdoor deck facing the backyard next to the indoor living room. The entry / front porch is also enlarged and accommodates a non-permanent outdoor staircase that leads to the upper apartments. The indoor staircase is relocated and packed into one efficient structure in the middle of the house that leads both to the basement and upper floor. The stair towards upstairs can be accessed from outside and inside the house - in case the upper staircase is shared by the owner and tenants of the upper apartments. However, the back access is optional. If the front outdoor staircase is suffice, the indoor staircase can be privately used by the owner. (Please see the plans for more details).

2. First / upper floor: There are 2 separate apartments. One is a 2-bedroom apartment, equipped with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (one of them is ensuite), an open concept living/dining/kitchen area, and a laundry storage. The other is a 1-bedroom apartment, equipped with a bedroom, bathroom and laundry, and open concept living/dining/kitchen area. Both apartments can be accesses directly either from the outdoor staircase (leads to entrance from the roof deck) and from indoor staircase (from backyard). Both apartments can enjoy the shared roof deck. The deck can be used by the owner who lives downstairs as well, if being accessed from the front porch.

3. Basement: more or less remains the same but with different room configuration and function. The service zone (storage, bathroom, laundry, and utility / mechanical room) are placed at the southern side of the basement, while the entertainment and additional living and kitchen area (multipurpose room, can be a workshop or gym too) are placed at the northern side. Garage and staircase is in the middle of basement. The driveway and garage door stay as is (not changed).

Generally, all roofs on the upper floor are raised and reconstruct to create higher and proper apartments, plus a new roof deck covered with pergola / latticed canopy for outdoor activities. You can have BBQ and firepit in this area, if desired.

Pedestrian access is moved to the center of house entrance - shifted a bit to the left side of the land, so people do not have to go through kitchen if they want to go to the front entrance or to the backyard.

Hope that this design proposal will give useful idea in restructuring your future house. All the best with your home project and many thanks for the opportunity through this contest.

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