This design proposal has 10 units of apartments per floor, consists of 2 units of 3-bedroom type, 3 units of 2-bedroom type, and 5 units of 1-bedroom type. The 3-bedroom type has master bedroom + ensuite bathroom (with bath tub) and 2 more rooms for bedroom(s) and/or study room. Both of the 3-bedder have view to via Berthollet + balconies. All units and equipped with common bathroom, living room, small storage (also for laundry, electricity, heater, etc), open kitchen (some with island) and dining area. Generally the space layout tends to be open-style and flexible. Some rooms in small units (or medium units that have limited openings) have flexible space with sliding doors that can be open or closed, so they can provide more spacious ambiance, depending on activities that take place in the room.

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