The intent of this project is to capture the essence of a Hollywood glam space. The Marilyn Monroe picture and the zebra chairs set the tone for the entire project. Pink, white, grey and gold integrate the color palete.
To break with the sobriety of the grey wall, part of the perimeter will be painted pink, lightening the space and giving it a more vibrant background to receive the furniture.
The Marilyn Monroe picture was put in the center of the back wall for it summarizes the feel of the space - full of personality. To enforce the view towards the center, two gold shelves of the same type were put on opposite sides. The gold will bring the glamour to the space and will speak to the existing pendant. The drapes in the openings enforces the viewpoint to the center and provides more privacy if needed.
In order to mark the desk area as the center of the space, a set of two carpets were laid out on the floor. A black rectangular rug serves as the contour and the organic-shaped carpet is above to break the linearity and bring boldness to the room.
This project also utilizes the space to provide more sitting areas, putting stools and a bench on the sides, where the windows are. This way, the room will be able to receive and gather more people comfortably. Other accessories, such as wall clock and mirror are the final touches to the room.