We create the space for a superstar with the pink lifestyle: Kameron Westcott

We are inspired by your favorite color and diamonds. We use the pyramid shapes of diamonds to replicate them on furniture and accompany them with sparkling touches of light gold.

We propose a decorative wall at the end of the room. This wall can have different color combinations (we will show them all), but the common factor in all the options is the use of linear gold details, made with metallic paint or golden metallic acetate.
The other walls of the room keep the current color to generate a quiet work space, since the gray color is suitable for it.

Another detail on the decorative wall is the use of the main letters of your name. These letters can be glossy inlaid for a Hollywood touch. Of course, the use of these letters is optional.
We also added illustrations of Marilyn Monroe that we attach to the files so that they can be replicated.

We have used the materials of the latest trends: glass, metal, velvet and high gloss!
I will let the images speak for my work, below I attach 3 links with the 3 different color proposals so you can choose the one you like. On these links you can navigate 360 degrees inside your future office.

Sophisticated, elegant and pink.

A pleasure to design for you, thanks Kameron! Regards

Best Customer Service ever 🙂

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