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Thank you for the amazing opportunity. Here’s a link for the short animation I created for your project from every angle.
As you preferred your plan as it was, I only modified it to present the best volume possible. I deleted the laundry area in the center and created a central court yard to add more nature to the house. The kitchen, hallway and the bathroom all have views to this court yard. From the hallway a sliding door opens to the area. The windows from kitchen and the bathroom are designed in a way not disturb the privacy of each other. The bathroom window has some shades that can be closed if you wish for more privacy. The other room which was in this area is located upstairs with en-suite bathroom and walk-in-closet and functions as a self-sufficient unit.
The kitchen area is also flexible. It can be fully closed or semi closed or open via pivoting moveable walls. In the kitchen, there’s a hidden cabinet like door that leads to the pantry( the space you needed for frying or any other activities. In this area you have wall cabinets which are used for food storage. There’s a direct access to outside and close to the outdoor dining/bar/barbecue)
The laundry has also a direct access to the outside for more comfort. The laundry also has enough space for storage.
On the ground floor, the master bedroom has a big walk-in-closet and a bathroom with double sink. This room is opened to a private terrace for relaxing and chilling after a hectic day at work.
The double room has a new settlement with a huge closet and the study and sleeping area.
The whole volume of the building is divided into 2 parts and a linking green roof with a court yard that connects them together. You can see that the facade is flexible in private areas in order to let you control both privacy and natural light.
The whole house is protected by the street view vegetation and trees around the land.
Outdoor areas
Outdoor dining: This area is located near kitchen and pantry for better access. The pantry area has a window that can simply connect the outdoor bar to the inside. this access makes the get-togethers much more enjoyable and as you requested this place is not near the pool deck or seating area.
Barbecue/ outdoor kitchen: Again this area is close to the kitchen and pantry with a sink and a barbecue.
Pool deck: This place is ideal for chilling and after a swim and even better for enjoying the sun.
Outdoor showers: These showers can be really enjoyable particularly if they’re rain showers. With plants in front and wood on floor this place feels more like a natural spa.
Pool: The pool area has 2 main parts. The shallow pool which is great for lying down and it can be equipped with water jet on the floor for a full back massage.
Outdoor seating: The outdoor seating is situated right in front of the living room and the pool area with trees in the background.
Walking entrance: This area is located right in front of the building entrance with a pond and a fountain parallel to each other. The walkway feels like a bridge that leads to the building.
Fountain: This modern fountain is created to make the entrance more welcoming and attractive. The very first vibe from it impresses the guests.
Parking entrance: This entrance is created with 2 sliding doors in order not to disturb the space.
Parking: The parking has a semi covered ceiling that based on client wish, it could be fully closed or open.

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