Thanks for the opportunity to compete.
The house was positioned according to the towing distances and the condition of the basement. The view and use of the backyard was completely given to the main house. Square meters and height rules were followed. It was designed with a modern and contemporary design concept as you requested. Sufficient garage and carpot areas have been built. The garbage area was considered next to the carpot. The main house entrance and the basement floor entrance were considered separately. The façade of the house was designed in accordance with the neighborhood but strikingly. The rear facade was designed to be completely intertwined with the garden.
BASEMENT : 145 square meters
The basement load-bearing walls were never changed, only door and window openings were made, and dividing walls were designed for the new rooms.
- 2 flats (1 large flat, 1 small flat), technical room and warehouse were designed. The entrance of the apartments on the basement floor is from the side and independent from the main house. These apartments can only use the parts of the garden reserved for them. A large part of the garden was designed for the main house. We have provided complete privacy with the many methods we have implemented and the way we position the houses.
The flat is designed as 1 : 1+1. It is designed for renting and hosting guests.
The flat is designed as 2 : 2+1. It was conceived as a house for renting, hosting guests, and where children can live in the future.
In addition, in the future, only the entrance hall doors were removed and 2 apartments were designed to turn into a single apartment.
GROUND FLOOR: 160 square meters
The ground floor houses the living area, master bedroom, kitchen, kitchen pantry, dining area, guest bedroom, guest bathroom and an entrance with a gallery space along with a staircase. At the back of the ground floor is the living area, kitchen and dining area. These areas are bright and dominate the back garden, and they can also use a large terrace and a fireplace located in the middle.
Master Bedroom: A large and bright bedroom was designed. A soft and modern design was made. It has its own bathroom, sauna, dressing room.
1st Floor: 96 square meters
There are 3 children's rooms, a bathroom and a laundry room on this floor. Children's rooms were made in equal size and with equal features. Their interior designs are designed in such a way that they can be used by children when they grow up.

A large part of the garden was given to the use of the main house. On the sides, small parts were given to the apartments in the basement.
In the field of view of the house, a large pool was designed among the plants, which is in harmony with the garden. A house where you can relax and meet your needs was built in the pool house accompanying the pool. It has an open kitchen and a small indoor kitchen. In addition, an open shower area serving the pool but with high privacy was built under the terrace. In addition, a fire pit was considered under the terrace. This fire pit was placed under the terrace to protect it from wind and precipitation in winter days and was designed to dominate the pool view.