Dear customer, the following project seeks to fulfill all your requests, while complying with all current regulations. Thus, it seeks to respect the limits to corresponding edges, maximum regulatory surfaces, heights, types, and roof inclinations. Each point is covered and explained in the corresponding sheets.

As for the structure, the perimeter of the basement is maintained, a requirement raised by the customer, and only the openings for doors and windows are restructured. The walls indicated by you as structural in the interior of the basement, also seeks to maintain them as much as possible; but also redistribution of openings are generated. On this basis the new wooden frame structure for the new house is proposed, demolishing the ground floor and the first floor. However, it seeks to respect the original perimeters, being sufficient in terms of surfaces to meet the requirements. The main structure in wooden frames, rests on the pre-existing perimeter walls, although also appear dividing walls that act as structural planes that help reduce the support distances of the loads.

With this established, in the basement you will find rental apartments (or for children in the future). It is accessed by a staircase on the west side, reaching the entrance hall of both apartments. It achieves an apartment with a bedroom, and another apartment with two bedrooms, one main and one smaller. Divisions arise trying to respect as much as possible what exists as a structural.
In these apartments it is proposed practical furnitures, simple and more economical equipment, such as IKEA, as they will be intended initially for temporary rental and possibly one of them to children in the future. Following the premise of temporary rental, in the living room of both apartments, it is decided to place a classic sofa, which can be made sofa bed, achieving another place to sleep, in case temporary tenants may need it.

Both have a small terrace, at medium level (0.50 m from the basement level), which overlooks the landscape but also seeks to give privacy to the garden of the house. The terrace of the one bedroom apartment is on the east side, somewhat delayed, so it has little visual to the garden, while the terrace of the main apartment is on the west side over the garden, however, the view is nuanced by a number of pilasters, which in addition to acting as a structural reinforcement, act as a visual filter. In addition, it is proposed that the new small outdoor house turn its back on him, denying him the view towards the pool and offering him to look towards the west side of the landscape. In the case of the one-bedroom apartment, the terrace is accessed by the bedroom, and in the two-bedroom one is accessed from the living room-dining room-kitchen.

As for the house, you access from the street to the ground floor, presenting an access hall with a storage unit and permeable shoemaker, a simple toilet on one side. Then we have the open kitchen with island and bar, the dining room and the living room in double height, with an elegant fireplace. All this integrated space opens onto a balcony-terrace equipped with a large table and living-space. From here, you can go down to the garden and the pool from an attached staircase.

The equipment proposed for this point is elegant, modern and simple, in shades of grey and dark contrasting with the predominant clearst tones in the space, due to the white walls, floors similar to clear wood, and the great openings that generate a great income of natural light.

From the entrance we can take the staircase or a door that will take us to the private area of the children, separated from that of the parents and guests. Here, we have two spacious bedrooms, for the boy and the girl, one with walkin closet and the other with simple closet, a laundry room and a bathroom with double sink, toilet, shower and bathtub, with a design of separate elements.
The equipment proposed for children is discreet and in shades of light wood and playful (pedagogical guidance Montessori).
From the entrance or the living room we can also take the straight staircase and reach the First Floor. This floor is characterized by the inclined ceiling respecting the heights and inclinations of the regulation. It seeks to generate dormers that allow to make the most of the most important spaces, but taking special care not to exceed the 61 m2 allowed flat ceiling, or exceed 75% of ground floor area. Taking advantage to the maximum these requirements, a very functional penthouse is achieved, taken advantage of to accommodate the master bedroom of the parents with en suite bathroom and dressing room; the bedroom and guest bathroom, and an office, which could be an occasional extra bedroom.

The parents' master bedroom has a small balcony, it also proposes a small fireplace, although this will be optional; open walkin closet and bathroom with double sink, toilet, shower and bathtub, with separate elements, in addition to a sector in which an infrared sauna cabin is placed. From the parents' bedroom we have a window that allows to open to the space in double height above the living room.
The guest bedroom also has a small balcony and wardrobe. Both bedrooms face the south facing garden. The guest bathroom is accessed from the hallway of this floor, designed to be used by the guest bedroom and the office which can also be an extra bedroom. In a hypothetical case that both rooms are used by guests, the guest bathroom would serve both. On the other hand, this bathroom is calcado on the bathroom of the lower panta with design of separate elements. In the areas of this floor that are really made unusable by the height of the ceiling, small storage rooms are proposed, one with access from the office and another from the corridor.

On the ground floor, surrounding the main staircase, we can access the staircase that goes down to the basement, here is generated a small corridor with an access from the house to both apartments, thought as an occasional access from the house to each housing unit. From here, you also access a technical room and under the staircase a storage space is proposed.

As for parking, a double carport is proposed in a row on the west side, next to the staircase to access the apartments, this would be allowed by the rule, since it would not be an impediment to be opened. On the other hand, the pre-existing garage and the storage space below is maintained. If this garage were to be used to store the small "Old VW Beetle Oldtimer" it would also free up space for bicycle storage, which is proposed in the project.

Next to this garage is an entrance with a direct staircase to the garden for the house. At this point of entry, before the stairs and to one side, the space is located to rubbish bins, and to be able to remove them easily when necessary.

To close the design of the facade a discreet portico is generated that seeks to integrate all the income, the facade is quite closed and the main openings and visuals are towards the south. Above the portico and the Ground Floor, which is clad on the wooden structure in white HPL panels; appears the sloping roof covered with panels of thermal ash wood slats: , giving the house a modern and original look, that respects the predominant urban rule in the area. On the other hand, the dormers are clad in clear tone thermoash wood with a greyish hue:

As for the garden and the pool, we propose a descent from the balcony-terrace and from the side entrance, which leads to a pool deck. The edges of the pool are landscaped and low depth (0.30 m), presenting small access docks that allow us to reach the main pool. In the west area of the garden is the small house outside, which presents a living space with sofa bed in case you want to rest, a small bathroom, and an infrared sauna cabin. Outside is the outdoor shower, looking towards the house; and a viewpoint is generated taking advantage of the slope of the terrain, to the south, where also located the outdoor kitchen and an outdoor dining area.
Going down from the east area of the land, following the slope, we have direct arrival to the orchard area at the bottom of the pool. In this area, the pool presents a structural glass plane, whose rebalse is collected in a small channel and proposed to use as irrigation of the orchard.

The boundaries of the land in the garden are closed with vegetation. On the dormers facing south are placed solar panels with support inclined to the south, seeking to hide them and not place them on the sloping roof, so that the aesthetic of the roof is the one that provides the wood.

Hoping that the project will be to your liking, I cordially greet you.

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