With respect to your whishes and posibility,I try to make most comfortable and cosy exterior for you.High flower pots with low plants will give you more privacy,and some shadow and cossines.Space for sitting is plane in two variant and you will make deside which you like the most.I first variant sitting sofa is near the see wall,and in second is right accros the dining table.Space with fire pot and a lot of floor sitting pillows is make to give one pleasant atmosphere after dining time.
Due to you could not have some construction to make shade in this space,I decided that is maybe good option for this situation is to make shade with lightweight tent.This tent would screw in the outer wall above the grill in two places at different lengths, and she would end up on the wall at the gardeners.Whit this you will make unusual and good solution to make shade,and not to make any structural changes,except the 3 little hols in the wall.
I make you choice to change flooring with wooden ,which make warmth external area of your home.
Hope you love it.
Best whishes.

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Guía de Isora, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

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